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Questions to Ask

  1. Do you have "sticky" issues or "prickly" personalities in your organization?
  2. Are there critical, unaddressed problems that refuse to go away?
  3. Is there concensus about the key critical factors affecting your organization?

Description of Service

A facilitated approach to problem-solving and planning allows your organization to develop a workable, task-specific action plan and a means of ensuring that this plan is implemented and carried through to conclusion. Setting a goal for your organization is the easy part. It is charting a course to reach that goal that can be complex. Here is where the Results and Process Management professional comes in.

As an outside facilitator, the Results and Process Management professional brings an objective viewpoint, controls the problem-solving process, and maintains the focus. He or she is directly involved from problem discovery through solution implementation, monitoring the progress as each step is taken.

Employee involvement is crucial to this process, as employees have a vested interest in the success of the plan. Ultimately, employees will be the very people responsible for implementing and executing the steps toward the solution.

At the beginning of the Results and Process Management process, the facilitator meets with top management to assist in focusing on the strategic issues and opportunities of the organization. With the establishment of an action team representing management personnel from all levels of your organization, we will begin to develop an action plan.

Results and Process Management goes beyond simply presenting solutions to problems; and herein lies the key to its unique approach. The facilitator remains a resource for the action team, providing unlimited support and ensuring that progress is being made and goals are being reached. This guidance keeps everyone on track from implementation of solutions to documentation of results.

The process and level of involvement can be adapted to every organization, depending upon the size of your organization and the scope of what you want to accomplish. Typically, the facilitator comes to your company for a one- to two-day session, and then closely monitors your progress approximately biweekly.

Our ultimate goal for Results And Process Management is to make your organization function at its full potential. Results and Process Management will help create a stronger organization today and for the future.


  • A task-specific, detailed action plan
  • Concensus building
  • Thorough identification of key issues/problems

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