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*Strategic and long-range planning

Questions to Ask

  1. Are you missing performance targets year after year?
  2. Are there changes in your external operating environment you are not effectively addressing?
  3. Is your market consolidating?
  4. Have you ever conducted a comprehensive planning process?
  5. Is there a lack of management concensus regarding direction and goals?

Description of Service

A long-range planning process which results in the development of an organization's mission, objectives, goals, and strategies. The plan is detailed and focuses on future decisions, organization-wide actions, and environmental factors.


  • Improved organizational performance and profitability
  • Written strategic plan with mission statement, objectives, and strategies
  • Clear understanding and commitment by key implementors
  • Increased teamwork
  • Development of an effective and efficient process by which to plan in the future


A manufacturer of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals desired a corporate-wide, participative strategic planning process. Results -- The management team developed a five-year plan with specific, measurable goals and objectives, including new product development and market segmentation.

A non-profit, United Way agency, had never planned and desired to enlist the support and assistance of the Board. Results -- A comprehensive plan was developed to take the agency into new service- providing areas and to increase their visibility with the United Way.

A state chartered multi-branch savings bank desired to have a series of facilitated planning sessions in order to incorporate all management into the planning process. Results -- The participants developed both a one-year operational plan and a strategic plan dealing with expansion of products and services and developed a formal tracking process.

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