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*Operation Reviews

Questions to Ask

  1. Is the mission of the organization understood by all personnel?
  2. Does management have a good understanding of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?
  3. Has there been turnover in the past several years of key management personnel
  4. What are the overall profit trends?
  5. Are operations effective? Efficient?
  6. Is the organization well defined and designed?

Description of Service

An independent, objective assessment of an organization (or function) from both an operational and organizational perspective. It is a systematic review of activities, systems, operations, organization, and major goals and strategies. The review is intended to assess performance, identify areas for improvement, and develop detailed recommendations for improvement.


  • Identification of previously undefined organizational objectives, policies, and procedures
  • Assessment of effectiveness of management controls
  • Identification of problem areas and underlying causes
  • Identification of alternative courses of action


A garment manufacturer desire to have an independent assessment of accounting and finance department operations. Results -- The accounting function was streamlined and systems were improved.

A non-profit agency wanted to have an assessment of its administrative functions. Results -- The administration was reorganized and focus placed on goal setting and attainment.

A textile firm wanted an objective assessment of the operations of one specific function. Results -- Management was changed and operations improved.

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