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*Organizational design and structure

Questions to Ask

  1. Is the organization having difficulty profitably managing growth?
  2. Are key management positions clearly defined and do position descriptions exist?
  3. Do conflicts exist between departments, functions, or business units?
  4. Is there a general lack of key organization and human resource systems?
  5. Does high employee turnover exist and particularly among key personnel?
  6. Have there been major changes to the way in which the organization conducts its business (e.g., mission, product/service mix, acquisition, major facility expansion, marketing approaches, etc.)?

Description of Service

Organization design and structure is the process of helping you meet your objectives through making improvements to the organization structure and management processes. The primary focus of this service is to strengthen the management organization and accountability through making changes to structure, positions, and the human assets of the organization. A second focus is to assess the organization's major management processes and identify opportunities for improvement.


  • Better and more clearly defined organizational objectives
  • Identification of organizational weaknesses and problems that need correcting
  • Appraisal of management personnel's capabilities relative to present and future organization needs
  • Improved communications and coordination of organization planning activities
  • Increased likelihood of organization change readiness
  • Improved organization performance


A non-profit, municipal agency, while experiencing an increase in caseload, desired improved organizational structure to reflect better their changing legislative mandate. Results -- A new organization structure was developed that emphasized responsiveness to their clients' needs together with reduced reporting and bureaucratic structure.

A closely-held, family owned hosiery manufacturer desired to have the management roles, including those of family members (second and third generation) better defined. Result -- The second generation owners/managers developed a structure that better utilized the skills and capabilities of their children together with other, non-family management personnel.

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