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*Productivity Improvement Plans

Questions to Ask

  1. Do you match staffing levels with volumes of activity in various departments?
  2. Are employees using the same procedures to perform their responsibilities as they did a number of years ago?
  3. Are personnel costs high compared to competitions' costs?
  4. Do you believe there is potential for overstaffing?
  5. Has new technology reduced personnel costs?
  6. Are activities which are typically automated being performed manually now?

Description of Service

A structured program to measure the workload performed with the primary objective being determination of the number of employees required to perform the assigned work. It is designed to streamline and organize workflows in order to improve operating efficiencies.


  • Improved work flow and efficiency
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Staffing plan for each department
  • Measurement system
  • Improved operating efficiencies
  • Improved employee morale


A lumber supply dealer, concerned with staffing levels in administration, desired to have an analysis of the workload and staffing requirements. Results -- The engagement identified areas for improvement, particularly in the accounting and purchasing functions. Automation was introduced, cutting staffing requirements by over 50 percent in two years.

A municipal government needed an independent assessment of the staffing levels in their utility department. Results -- Procedures had not changed and were largely manual. Automation and cycle billing were introduced, reducing staffing requirements dramatically over time.

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