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*Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities

Questions to Ask

  1. Are you concerned about the roles played by your key people?
  2. Do they perform these roles as expected, and establish priorities?
  3. Do you have a changing organizational structure and new relationships due to growth, acquisition, reorganization, or turnover?

Description of Service

A communication, team-building, and organizational development process designed to improve the fit between the work that an organization needs done and the people chosen to do it.


  • Increased managerial effectiveness by getting people to focus on the right areas and duties
  • Improved efficiency, reducing role duplication and responsibility gaps
  • Faster accommodation to change
  • Improved teamwork and coordination


A six partner law firm desired to improve the work-related interactions of the attorneys. Results -- The roles of the partners were clarified and much improved morale and work relationships resulted from the discussions.

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