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* Operational, Short-term planning

    Questions to Ask
  1. Have sales and/or profits been decreasing?
  2. Do you have clearly stated and agreed upon business objectives for the current year?
  3. Do you measure actual operating results against planned goals?
  4. Are you planning to diversify, add a new product/service, or expand?
  5. Are you contemplating a major capital investment?
  6. Are you experiencing significant cash flow problems due to growth?

    Description of Service
    A formalized process to aid you in developing a written business plan to direct your efforts or operations. Business planning is a key management tool to help identify future direction and determine ways to obtain objectives and goals.

  • A thorough and in-depth analysis of business opportunities and threats
  • Involvement of key management resulting in greater management concensus
  • Thinking and discussing the future and establishing priorities
  • Addressing critical operating issues
  • Building momentum to work towards common objectives

    A men's clothing manufacturer needed a facilitated process not only to develop an annual profit plan but also a "protected forum" to discuss internal issues. Results -- (1) Management developed specific goals and strategies, together with actions, responsibilities, and deadlines; and (2) discussions were conducted in a positive, open atmosphere with plans made to resolve differences.

    A manufacturer of pharmaceuticals desired to implement the first ever, collective planning process involving several levels of management, production, and sales. Results -- (1) All management personnel participated in the process developing strategic direction, including a five-year growth plan and revised mission statement; (2) development of operational/annual plans; and (3) delineation of key action steps, responsibilities, and deadlines.

    The Board of Directors of a non-profit organization desired to develop an annual plan for the agency. All key management and Board members participated. Results -- Increased commitment to specific actions and directions.

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